Le Grand Tasting!

April 7, 2011 § Leave a comment

After three significant tastings over the past two weeks, we finally had a GRAND tasting that bridged all the elements together: chocolate, tea, coffee, and of course… FOOD.

What a day it was! Everyone, and by everyone we mean EVERYONE – floor staff, kitchen staff, family members and friends – came together on a long communal table and ate.

To set the mood there was music, hustle and bustle in kitchen, tables being set, people chattering, stomach grumblings, and coffee machine howling. The first meal was of course, savoury, cooked up by cuisine chef Rodney who we haven’t managed to photograph till now. Over the week, the chefs have been experimenting in the kitchen and Le Grand Tasting was the result of the experimentations.

For the savoury course, we were served a range of baguettes and a few breakfast dishes. Though there’s still some work to be done, the potential is fuelling the excitement into great heights.

After our ‘first course’ came the sweets, which the pastry team has been busy working on. The incredible spread looked beautiful and tasted just as sweet, which gave everyone a look into the work in progress we have been creating in the kitchen.

Here are a few images from that day:



Anthony, Dre & Charles


Bon appetit!



Gateau de Voyage


Sweet spread!


A bientot!


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