Outtakes Along the Way

April 2, 2011 § Leave a comment


With the countdown on, we’ve been getting a little sentimental looking back through the months. It was a year ago Steve and myself began to formulate the idea of setting up a shop together. Soon afterwards, we stumbled across this empty, magnificent warehouse in South Melbourne, and now, several months later, the blank canvas is almost unrecognisable from when we first met it, but the feelings of excitement (aside from the tiredness) is as fresh as ever.

While a lot of the images we post are somehow related to the construction process of the space, what we’re unable to capture are the joyous moments, humour, highs and lows, sudden bursts of inspiration (not to mention blood and sweat) that have gone into this project. There have also been friends – many, many friends – and loved ones swing by during every process of the start-up to ask how we are, to lend a helping hand, to support and encourage us. What we are unable to capture are these intangible yet very meaningful moments.

It’s safe to say, it has been a night of reflection! Our dear friend, Rasha has been one of those many friends along the way – she’s also highly skilled behind the lens and has captured some beautiful candid shots of the peeps in the space. Some of these photographs date back a few months; some are as recent as a week ago. I hope you enjoy them! And do check out Rasha’s stunning photographic skills on her Flickr site here.

Chewing fat (l-r): Benoit, Zoe, Lin & Dre

Zoe & Michelle


Mama, Zoe, Steve, Dre

Mama & Papa

Dre & Steve


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