Tastings, Tastings, Tastings! Pt. (2)

April 1, 2011 § Leave a comment

First came coffee training, then came tea tasting! At Chez Dre both coffee and tea are as important as each other. A wonderfully brewed tea or coffee can be amazing accompaniments to the treats we’re planning to cook up in the kitchen. For tea tasting day, the lovely duo from Larsen and Thompson came by with a fine selection of teas that shifted our perception of tea from simple beverage to beautiful artform.

We tried nine teas in total excluding two herbal infusions, and sampled a range that went from white to green to black teas. Even though tasting was on the menu, we learned about the different brewing times for each tea, its seasonal variations, the importance of where it’s grown and the value of tea in culture and people’s lives across the globe.

A big thank you to Pascale and David (Larsen and Thompson) for sharing their time and knowledge with all of us, and for giving us another boost of inspiration through their passionate love for specialist fine teas.

Setting up the tea tasting! (l-r) David, Papa & Pascale

All lined up ready to dig in! (l-r): Anthony, Dre, Pat, Louise & Andrew

David (centre) talking to us about tea!

Ready to taste! 9 teas & 2 herbal infusions

A look at the dry tea leaves

Perfect tea timer!


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