Tastings, Tastings, Tastings! Pt. (1)

March 31, 2011 § 1 Comment

With building and construction (mostly) out of way, the last week have been all about the drinks, and all about the food!

Welcome to Tasting week one!

First up, we had coffee tasting, training and making day. Now, this wouldn’t be Melbourne if folks weren’t serious about their coffee as we are at Chez Dre! So, for too-much-coffee day (as it’s now known as) the floor staff came in as well as some friends, who were curious to learn the correct technique behind frothing and pouring.

A big thank you to Andrew from The Maling Room in Canterbury who has shared his knowledge and extraordinary expertise on all things coffee including some amazing beans to go along with Chez Dre. He was a great teacher and a perfectionist at heart, who I’m sure will be an ongoing presence at the space. Who knew that little morning kicker called coffee required so much TLC (a perfectly roasted bean, gentle milk swirling, a steady pouring stream…) to produce a cup of liquid gold!

Overall, what a beautiful day it was, full of laughs, hyperactive-ness, lessons-learned – a day where caffeine was fuel and lattes replaced water.

Coffee training fun! (l-r) Clarina, Benoit, Andrew & Pat

Voila! (l-r) Clarina, Benoit's head, Andrew, Pat, Steve, Zoe & Louise


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