The People

March 22, 2011 § Leave a comment

It has been a couple months since I last updated this blog – sincere apologies for not keeping you all in the loop! As you can imagine, things have been very busy around Chez Dre. Very. Busy.

Since its inception, we’ve had many workers, friends and family come by to help out at Chez Dre, from heavy lifting to drilling to painting, to bringing us mid-workday treats and fine conversation (not to mention inspirational words and loads of laughter).

So for this post, I want to say a massive thank you to THE PEOPLE who’ve helped out so far and who I know will continue to shower us with love and support. I cannot wait to feed you all as soon as the doors open at Chez Dre. Thank you for already making this space feel like home.

And now, photographic evidence of the extraordinary work…

The sun was shining on our one of many weekends of painting. Although there is no photographic evidence of the yummy treats we had that day, rest assured there were plenty (cut fruit, quiche, cake, etc.)! Special mention has to go to Rasha for bringing some beautiful cheese, baguettes and grapes!


All on board! (l-r): Steve, Michelle, Lin, Zoe, Rasha & Dre.

Papa on the roller action

Mark & Phil and iron magic!

The boys doing some window fitting

Despite the rain and humidity, it was a Sunday to remember! The night before, we baked two apple pies at 2 in the morning and brought them over to the space to cure some anticipated hangovers, and inspire peeps to spray paint. A few coffees, Beroccas, asprins and apple pies later, there were smiles and laughs all around – a truly memorable day!


Zoe getting her spray paint on - she's a renegade!


Jack: Fume-inhaler!


Nidhya & Aaron looking slick in action


The A-Team (l-r): Steve, Zoe, Dre, Kev, Jack & Nidhya


All smiles from here! Lin & Dre

March has been a beautiful month of arrivals and chance meetings. Phil, our resident builder, introduced us to the lovely and talented Bebe who came to us all the way from Kent. Even though Bee was technically in Melbourne for a well deserved holiday, she ended up sharing her time at the space (day in and day out) and gracing us with her wonderful ideas and superb expertise. You see, Bee is an amazing set designer, and an amazingly lovely person. We miss you! Please come back Bee!

Then we’ve had the arrival of the very handsome Benoit all the way from Paris! He’s here on holiday too, but has sealed some beautiful masterpieces at the space in the form of painting.


The beautiful Bebe & her buddy Phil


Mirror action! Bee letting the boys know who's boss (l-r): Gerry, Malan, Benoit, Steve & Bee


Almost there with the mirror (l-r): Dre, Benoit, Malan, Bee, Gerry, Steve & Phil

With all my heart, THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR HELPING. I appreciate your time and love – and much love to mama too, who refuses to let us photograph her, and to David. Of course, there are many who are unfortunately not in Melbourne but are in some corner of the globe sending their love and wonderful words of support always – you know who you are – you put much meaning into what we’re trying to do.

And to all you folks who are reading this blog – thank you! I’m on the mission to update you guys more often.



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