Recapping week 3 of building Chez Dré in image form…

December 17, 2010 § Leave a comment

Greetings folks and apologies for not updating as often as necessary. Things at Chez Dré have been moving along very quickly indeed that sometimes it feels hard to keep up. All the guys involved on site have just been phenomenal and are absolute guns. I’m sure I drop that line in every post! And along with being fantastic, they are always able to crack a joke and have a giggle amongst themselves, which makes it a truly fun construction site to be on.

The steel boys, Phil and Mike, have been pumping it out with the soldering machines and metal cutters creating the frames for the new windows and openings. Gerry, Pete and Aaron, from FICUS, have been putting up the kitchen walls, inside and outside, like no tomorrow, and getting it ready for the tiles and other details to go in over the next couple of weeks. Tab has been busy putting in amazing exposed copper pipes for the hot water and gas heaters. The canopy crew were in to fit the large stainless steel hood. The concrete cutter was busy drilling through 30cm of concrete to be able to fit the exhaust out of the top of the building. And finally, Blair and Darren have been laying down so much electrical cabling it is slightly mind boggling.

So here we have it…part 1 of a recap of week 3 the building of Chez Dré…

The guys making it all happen…

Sound proofing going in behind the kitchen walls to absorb some of the sound of the concrete and brick warehouse…

Canopy action! Drilling through that concrete was ridiculous, but they managed to get it in and it looks great. Almost 4m of hood action…

Staying true to the warehouse, all the electrics and gas lines will be left exposed. There is a whole lot of power coordination happening in this space!

Stay tuned for part 2 of week 3 of building Chez Dré…


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