A little bit before, then after…

December 10, 2010 § Leave a comment

Week 2 of building Chez Dré has been full steam ahead. The number of different trades people have been awesome: builders (FICUS dudes Peter and Gerry have been guns), steel workers, canopy installers, electricians, demolition guys, brick layers, building surveyors, concrete cutters, plumbers, and architects. While I have been busy running around choosing tile colours, gathering leather samples, meeting with artists and finalising finishes, these group of guys have all been putting an extraordinary amount of energy into making the dream of Chez Dré a reality. But orchestrating and coordinating this massive project is an amazing gentleman that goes by the name of Stephen Sam. Without his constant perseverance and diligence, none of this would have ever taken off the ground, and instead would have remained this ‘ great idea’ that sounded a bit too fantastic and out of this world. He has been instrumental in every single step of this process and will continue to push Chez Dré forward in the most incredible of ways! And so, as we continue to watch this place take shape, we have to pause for a second on a beautiful friday afternoon in Melbourne, and breathe real deep, and smile at what we are able to create.

A before and after of the paint stripped back to warehouse brick…


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