New Spring/Summer Menu!

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We are introducing a delicious, updated spring/summer menu today!

The classic favourites are staying, and to go with them are some very exciting new additions.

For breakfast, the fruit toast is back! Served with passionfruit butter, it’s gorgeous and has been much-requested.

fruit toast

We also have the new braised mushroom ragu. There are swiss, field and button mushrooms, served with parmesan polenta, a poached egg and truffle oil.

mushroom ragu
Then there’s the delicious, glazed pork belly. Served on a jalapeño and corn polenta cake, with avocado puree and poached eggs, we’re really excited about this one!

pork belly
We have a new addition to the lunch menu too! It’s the smoked rainbow trout salad, with celery, rocket, caramelised walnuts, kipfler potatoes, croutons and lemon-dill dressing. It’s light and perfect for spring.

trout salad
Our petits gâteaux menu has some gorgeous additions for the new season too!

There is a sour cherry and coconut dome, a strawberry shortcake, a mango & passionfruit St. Honoré, and an orange, pecan & coffee petit gâteau, just to name a few.

dre new menu 5
The new flavour combinations are very exciting! We have some interesting components in the new gâteaux, such as the kalamanzi jelly in the green tea, kalamanzi & muscovado sugar petit gâteau, the vanilla-chestnut mousse in the blueberry & chestnut tart and the guava jelly in the lemon cheesecake.

dre new menu 3
New macaron flavours are in, too! Hello apricot and cinnamon-red bean!

dre new menu 4
And finally, an old favourite viennoiserie is back – the apple turnover! Yum!

We also have a new drinks menu. As the days warm up, quench your thirst with our new Stolen Recipe Iced Teas…

iced teas
Or maybe try our new line of carbonated beverages, all the way from the UK!

And due to popular demand, Chai is now on the menu! It’s the Prana Chai Masala Blend, and it’s brewed in a tea pot with your choice of water, milk or soy.


Hope to see you in the cafe soon!


Christophe Adam and Kirsten Tibballs come to visit

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Andrea Reiss, Kirsten Tibballs and Christophe Adam
We were excited last week to have some very special people visiting us at Chez Dré!

Kirsten Tibballs (you may have seen her on Masterchef with that beautiful ‘Louros’ entremet for the pressure test) came to visit, and with her she brought renowned french pastry chef, Christophe Adam!

Kirsten Tibballs and Christophe Adam having lunch with Dré
Kirsten is one of Australia’s most internationally respected pastry chefs. She has won numerous awards, including a gold medal at the Pastry Olympics in Germany in 2004, and best in the world for her handmade chocolate at the World Pastry Championships in Las Vegas 2004.

In 2002, Kirsten established the Savour Chocolate and Patisserie School in Melbourne. It allows her to pass on her skills and knowledge to both amateurs and professionals, and is the only school of its kind in the Asia Pacific.

Andrea Reiss, Kirsten Tibballs and Christophe Adam having lunch
Every year, Kirsten and Savour host up to three of the most celebrated international pastry chefs, offering students a rare learning experience. Last week, Christophe Adam was in town with Savour, hosting a select number of classes about entremet, tarts and choux pastry.

Dré, Kirsten Tibballs, Christophe Adam and our pastry team
Christophe is renowned for his colourful, wonderful and eye-catching éclairs. The former executive pastry chef of the world famous Fauchon, he currently has two stores of his own in Paris – L’éclair de Génie in the Marais, which specialises in éclairs and chocolates, as well as Adam’s, which is a café. Christophe is also an author of the books, Éclairs !, tartlettes !, Fauchon Paris and Le petit théâtre des grands Gâteaux. He even pens a blog, Sucré design.

Christophe Adam
We were very excited to have him and Kirsten at the café! They had lunch with Andrea Reiss and sampled all of our petit gâteaux, macarons and éclairs!

Christophe Adam and Kirsten Tibballs
Our pastry team were very excited, and even a little star struck, to meet him too.

Christophe Adam and our pastry team
Thank you so much for the visit Kirsten and Christophe! We loved having you and hope to see you back at Chez Dré soon!

Andrea Reiss, Kirsten Tibballs and Christophe Adam

Callebaut Chocolate Festival and Competition 2013

July 16, 2013 § 2 Comments

Chez Dre 130712-Portraits-138

We’re excited to announce that the Chez Dré pâtisserie team recently competed in the 2013 Callebaut Chocolate Entremet Competition!

The annual festival saw chocolatiers, pastry chefs and aficionados from across Australia gather in the Hunter Valley to compete in the Callebaut Chocolate Show Piece and Entremets Competition.

The criteria in the entremets category was to create a chocolate and fruit entremet with a chocolate garnish. A distinctive chocolate and fruit flavour was required, and the entrants were judged on originality, harmonised chocolate and fruit flavours as well as balanced colour and presentation.

Three girls from the Chez Dré pâtisserie team each came up with an entremet to enter into the competition. Entremets are French gâteaux. They typically include layers of mousse, cream, sponge and a little crunch, and are as beautiful to look at as they are delicious!

Chez Dré blitzed the Entremets category at the competition! Our pastry apprentice Lihn Dang won Best Apprentice, and Christean Ng was awarded second place in the same category. And pastry chef Krista Corbett was Runner Up overall!

Callebaut entremets

Lihn Dang won Best Apprentice for her milk chocolate, caramel and banana entremet. Pascal Janvier from F. Mayer Imports, Melbourne presents Linh with her awards.


Christean Ng was runner up in the Best Apprentice category with sour cherry, coconut and dark chocolate entremet. Pascal Janvier from F. Mayer Imports, Melbourne, presents Christean with her award. 

Krista Corbett

Krista Corbett was the overall Runner Up. Pascal Janvier from F. Mayer Imports, Melbourne, presents Krista with her awards. 

Congratulations girls! We are so proud!

Chez Dre 130712 awards 041
In order to celebrate, we are featuring each girl’s entremet as a special in the Chez Dré showcase! They will only be available to purchase for a limited time.

This week we are featuring Lihn’s beautiful milk chocolate mousse, caramel brûlée, banana crème and hazelnut crunch entremet.

Lihn Dang

Lihn Dang

Ghana Milk Chocolate Mousse, Caramel Brûlée, Banana Crème & Hazelnut Crunch Entremet

Lihn’s Ghana Milk Chocolate Mousse, Caramel Brûlée, Banana
Crème & Hazelnut Crunch Entremet

Ghana Milk Chocolate Mousse, Caramel Brûlée, Banana Crème & Hazelnut Crunch Entremet

Ghana Milk Chocolate Mousse, Caramel Brûlée, Banana
Crème & Hazelnut Crunch Entremet

Next week, we will have Kirsta’s dark chocolate, blood orange, coffee and cardamom entremet available.

Krista Corbett

Krista Corbett

Krista's blood orange, cardamom, coffee and dark chocolate entremet

Krista’s blood orange, cardamom, coffee and dark chocolate entremet

Dark chocolate mousse, coffee brûlée, chocolate sable, cardamom crème, blood orange jelly and dark chocolate, coffee and orange crunch entremet

Dark chocolate mousse, coffee brûlée, cardamom crème, blood orange jelly and dark chocolate, coffee and orange crunch entremet

The following week, you can come in and try Christean’s sour cherry, coconut and dark chocolate entremet!

Christean Ng

Christean Ng

Dark chocolate mousse, coconut daquise, coconut crème, sour cherry compote and white chocolate toasted coconut crunch entremet

Dark chocolate mousse, coconut daquise, coconut crème, sour cherry compote and white chocolate toasted coconut crunch entremet

The entremet are $8.50 per slice and are on display in the showcase.

callebaut entremet

Ghana Milk Chocolate Mousse, Caramel Brûlée, Banana
Crème & Hazelnut Crunch Entremet

An entremet for 8-10 people is available to order for $65 with 12 hours notice (please call the café to order on 9690 2688).

Make sure you come in and have a taste! Bon appétit!

Two Years Later.

July 4, 2013 § 10 Comments

We can’t believe it has been more than two years since our last post!

It seems like it was just yesterday that we opened our doors, but we’ve come such a long way.

So we thought we would update you with some pictures of Chez Dré the way it is today…



The pastry showcase has grown beyond our imagination, and we now have a beautiful range of gorgeous petit gâteaux and éclairs on offer everyday…





We also have a large assortment of macarons available!


We still have our ever popular baguettes…


And breakfast is available all day with our decadent lunch menu starting at 11:30.







Our viennoiserie display baskets are full of freshly baked croissants, brioche and danish pastries every morning at 7:30.



And there’s always plenty of beautiful take away treats available, so that you can have a little bit of Chez Dré at home…


We want to send out a huge thank you to everyone who has come in to visit!
We love seeing your smiling faces everyday and none of this would have been possible without you.

Hopefully we will see you all at Chez Dré soon!




One Month On…

May 17, 2011 § 4 Comments

It’s hard to believe that our last proper post was written a month ago about the same time we opened up our doors to the public! Even though Chez Dré is still young, it sometimes feels as if we’ve been opened for a lot longer (perhaps it’s the long hours?!), but at the same time, we know we’re still finding our feet. The excitement is still there in our bellies, and I’m sure it will be for a long time to come.

So in this post, we thought we should play catch-up and let you all know what has happened and what is happening here at Chez Dré.

To kick things off, we’d like to firstly say a BIG THANK YOU to everyone who has come by – even though we’re busy in the kitchen and sometimes the hectic-ness gets the better of us, it brings us much joy and comfort to look up and see people in the cafe eating our food and enjoying themselves – THANK YOU.

And then another BIG THANK YOU to the lovely folks and food bloggers that have taken some beautiful photographs and written some lovely things about Chez Dré – to us, those are our sweet treats and we appreciate it very much. To check them out, have a look at Cornelius K (who came in with her ma and pa and took some beautiful shots), Code Name Max (one of our regulars along with Hidden Secret Tours), food enthusiast My Aching Head, Egg Tarts & Apple Pie (who deconstructed our chocolate tart – love it!), Foodie About Town, a write-up by Nina Rousseau of Epicure, and this lovely shot by Tour de Clance of our housemade granola:

Photograph by: Tour de Clance


To family and friends and everyone who works with us – again – a BIG THANK YOU to you all also.

Since our month ago opening, a few things have changed not only on the sweet side of things but on our cuisine and coffee menu. We might have started off on a range of baguettes but we now have an increasingly growing hot food selection straight out of the kitchen. In fact today, we bring you a few new dishes to warm up the cold winter days including a belly-warming ratatouille dish as well as more quiches and then some. If you happen to be vegan, vegetarian or gluten-free we have some hearty cuisine dishes (and sweet treats!) that’ll match your needs like our Moroccan-baked eggs, stuffed mushrooms and ratatouille – just look out for the symbols on the menu or give us a shout.

On the coffee side of things, our good friend Andrew from the Maling Room has been roasting a range of single origins for us – in fact, quite a few! The beans come from Costa Rica, Peru, Ethiopia (just to name a few of the dozen!), which means we have a different one on almost everyday depending on what Andrew surprises us with. If you want to check out the single origins, order an espresso or long black as our milk-based coffee is made from our house blend (also roasted at the Maling Room). We are told that soon our house blend will change once some beans from Honduras are roasted up! If you’re not a coffee addict, first off… what’s wrong with you!?! Kidding! But really, if you aren’t, we have some yummy teas from Larsen & Thompson and a housemade hot chocolate made from Single Origin “Madagascar” chocolate (64%).

Smiley Pat - one of our baristas!

Coffee's up!

The pastries and sweet treats have grown to fill up the showcase, and by this week, we’ll be introducing new cakes that’ll include some seasonal produce including a blood orange jelly that goes with a vanilla mascarpone mousse, a yoghurt mousse with apricot and rosemary, a combination of passionfruit and chocolate, plus a very dear to us, Tonka bean gateau. On top of that, some new macaron flavours and treats in our viennoiserie.

We also have a new site coming soon at  – we’ll keep you updated once it’s launched!

And finally, if you come by, do pop your head through and say hello!

A bientôt!

Easter Weekend & ANZAC Day!

April 22, 2011 § Leave a comment

Just a quick note to let you all know that we are baking up some special treats over the EASTER WEEKEND and ANZAC DAY! Come on in! We’re OPEN.

Our First Week Open…

April 22, 2011 § 2 Comments

T’was an early start for all of us on the 15th of April filled with excitement, nerves, and anticipation. There were a few loose ends to tie up, corners to be cleaned, food to be cooked, then finally, one deep breath and… exhale – our doors were finally and officially opened at 11am.

Our soft opening gave us the chance to showcase the beginning of Chez Dre – the menu, though in its infant stages, articulated what we strived to be – a patisserie cafe filled with fine sweet treats and simple yet satisfying hot food, influenced by classic French pastries and cuisine.

Over time we hope to build on our menu – already in our first week, we slowly introduced a more extensive hot kitchen menu with all-day breakfast dishes and a range of baguettes. Our pastry kitchen will continue to turn out more and more sweet treats, so look out for that in our showcase.

We want to send out a very warm THANK YOU to all the friends and family and new friends whose curiousity found us tucked behind an alleyway off Coventry Street – THANK YOU for swinging by and popping your head through to say hello. Your support means so much to us and puts great meaning into what we do. And of course, THANK YOU to everyone who works with us!

So far we are happy and excited to have had some lovely reviews – THANK YOU to Tour de Clance, Broadsheet Melbourne for popping by, Ash’s Video interview and Jen’s write-up on Milk Bar Magazine, and Fiona’s blog post on Hidden Secrets Tour. Just so you know, we are every little bit excited and honoured.


A bientot!